You’ve always wanted to try tap dancing? L’École de danse Nicola in Montréal (also in Lachine/Ville Saint-Pierre) has years of experience in this field; it is one of its specialties. Thanks to Al Gilbert, well-known in the world of dance for his devotion to teaching this art with passion, heart and generosity, anyone can learn to tap dance and the tradition lives on as he’s done us the honor of entrusting us with the technique he developed. Musical feet! So come discover how magical it is to be part of the rhythm and dance!



This progressional technique makes it possible for anyone to get the training they need in line with their level – from pre-tap (for 3-year old children) up to grade 9 for more advanced dancers. You may even take exams at the end of each year if you want a diploma confirming  your grade level.  Professional exams are also offered for anyone wanting to become a dance teacher.


So this technique is intended for ambitious dancers looking to become professionals as well as amateurs looking to have fun in a relaxed environment without the pressure of exams at the end of each year.

L'École de danse Nicola is the only school in Eastern Canada to be accredited by Al Gilbert to offer Professional Training for teachers who want to establish this tap technique in their dance studios and make it possible for their pupils to take the exams.



















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