Nick Giordano


With more than fifty-two years of experience and credentials from the Association Professionnelle des Écoles de Danse de la province de Québec, the ''Dance Educator'' of New York, the ''All American Dance Congress'' and in partnership with Al Gilbert from Hollywood, Nick offers courses for amateurs, children or adults alike, and also has a professional training program in collaboration with Al Gilbert for you to reach a professional level and get your diploma as a dance teacher.

Nick is the director and founder of l'École de danse Nicola.



        Patricia Morin


With more than forty years of experience, she is the only one in Québec trained by Al Gilbert and is now in charge of the professional training program to prepare you for Al Gilbert’s exams in order to get your diploma as a dance teacher. Many teachers in Quebec value her experience as they come to improve their tap or jazz technique, or to progress through the different professional levels. Her choreographies are sought after and each year, teachers take classes with her to pick up new choreographies and improve the quality of their dance recitals.  


The team also includes Jessica Beaucaire and Valérie Soulé, both trained professionally by l'Ecole de danse Nicola .       











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